‘Van monumentaal tot moderne architectuur: wij meten alle typen gebouwen’

'Park 20/20:
vloeroppervlakte optimalisatie
van ontwerp tot realisatie'

'Ruime ervaring met woningen, winkels, bedrijfs- en kantoorruimten'

'Van 25 m2 tot de RAI;
iedere vierkante meter telt'

‘Inzicht in de mogelijkheden van een gebouw? Kies voor specificatie op ruimteniveau’

'Ons meetrapport:
representatief, inzichtelijk en multi-inzetbaar’

About us

MeetAtelier is the largest independent specialist in the Netherlands that has drafting measuring reports as its core activity. Combining years of knowledge and experience, MeetAtelier guarantees the highest quality measuring reports.

a) Our mission
Accurately surveying and measuring areas and spaces for real estate property is our core business. As an independent specialist, MeetAtelier delivers high quality services, based on extensive expertise and experience. Each assignment, regardless of size or complexity is executed with the same high standards. We deliver quickly and efficiently on our promises. Our NEN2580 measuring reports are easy to comprehend and suitable for multiple purposes.

Our expertise in optimising area use for real estate management has been accumulated by mapping and processing hundreds of real estate spaces every year. This enables us to advise our clients on smart and effective area use, resulting in higher return on investment and cost saving benefits.

b) Our vision
NEN 2580 measurement reports are our specialism. We can guarantee the highest quality of our measurement report because we work daily in this real estate niche. We only work with certified constructional engineers and architects and have a strict ‘four-eyes’ policy, ensuring that every report will be checked by a colleague before delivery to a client. The floor areas in our reports are measured using the NEN 2580:2007 standard including reference sheet C1:2008. If the standard is ambiguous in a specific situation, the ‘grey areas’ apply as they are formulated by the Dutch Area Measuring Association ‘De Vierkante Meter’. Our method of measuring floor areas and buildings and our reporting standards comply with the conditions as formulated in the NTA 2581.

c) Values
The mission of MeetAtelier and her employees is to adequately and diligently execute our work, taking into account our responsibility as an independent service provider. Our mission translates in a transparent and ethical working approach. If required, our employees can provide a ‘Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG)’, a certificate of good conduct issued by Ministery of Safety and Justice.

d) Memberships
Since 2006 MeetAtelier is a member of De Vierkante Meter, the Dutch association of NEN 2580 measuring report issuers, which was founded in 2004. Jan-Maurits Schoonenberg was the association’s chairman from 2007 to 2013.The association has among its objectives to increase the clarity and quality of NEN 2580 by establishing cases and grey areas in the standard. Besides the permanent membership of the standards-committee with the Dutch Normalisation Institute in Delft, the introduction of the NTA 2581 is the most prominent accomplishment of the association. The NTA 2581 (Nederlandse Technische Afspraak – Dutch Technical Agreement) is the most important qualitative amendment to the NEN 2580 standard and the way the standard should be applied in a certified measuring report.

Since 2007, MeetAtelier has a seat in the standards-committee, filled by Jan-Maurits Schoonenberg. Together with representatives of the IVBN, the RGD, the Neprom, the NVBK and the NVM the standards-committee safeguards the agreements and the implementation of necessary developments within the NEN 2580 standard. The committee is also involved in international developments in the field of real estate area and space measurements. This continuous involvement in national and international developments guarantees MeetAteliers up to date reporting practices.