‘Van monumentaal tot moderne architectuur: wij meten alle typen gebouwen’

'Ruime ervaring met woningen, winkels, bedrijfs- en kantoorruimten'

‘Inzicht in de mogelijkheden van een gebouw? Kies voor specificatie op ruimteniveau’

'Van 25 m2 tot de RAI;
iedere vierkante meter telt'

'Park 20/20:
vloeroppervlakte optimalisatie
van ontwerp tot realisatie'

'Ons meetrapport:
representatief, inzichtelijk en multi-inzetbaar’


Our services exists

a) List of Measurements according to NEN 2580
A NEN 2580 measuring report by MeetAtelier provides precise insight in the area and space measurement of your real estate. This will clarify all your area or space related questions.

Our measuring reports are drafted according to the highest quality standards. Our surveyors have a thorough engineering background, we work every day with the NEN 2580 standard and we have a strict ‘four-eyes’ policy, ensuring that every report will be checked by a colleague before delivery to a client. Because we know that every square meter counts.

MeetAtelier works hard to ensure excellent value for money, combined with fast delivery. Please check our client list for reference.

You will receive:

  • A clear measuring report according to the NEN 2580 standard (a ‘meetstaat’)
  • A clear full colour visualisation of all building layers
  • A comprehensive explanation of the work performed
  • Definitions of the terms and methodologies used
  • A measuring certificate A or B

In real estate each building is unique and every situation asks for its own approach. This is why we only offer fully customized services. Our fees are based on your specific service request and the characteristics of the building, not on the number of square meters.

b) Floor Area Optimization
Our comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the NEN 2580 standard and our broad experience in measuring all kinds of buildings enables us to provide valuable advise regarding floor area optimization.

c) Quick-Scan
The MeetAtelier Quick-Scan verifies existing measuring data or offers an analysis of the leasing potential of your building and the potential consequences based, for instance, on a preliminary blue print.

d) Architectural Drawings
As an added service to the NEN 2580 measuring report, MeetAtelier can also provide architectural drawings of the measured areas. Efficient management of a building requires up to date digital blue prints. It enables a precise, easy and quick exchange of real estate data with third parties, saving you time and money. MeetAtelier can perfectly combine this service with drafting the NEN 2580 measuring report, as both require the kind of accuracy that we are proud to guarantee.

Request a quotation?
After we receive your request, we will send you a quotation within 3 working days. You can also contact us directly: +31 20 60 90 303 or by email: info@www.meetatelier.nl